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ChromeSorb® is a range of modified clays specifically designed to chemically immobilise chromium VI contamination. These products offer significant advantages over many existing technologies

ChromeSorb is a single stage process for the treatment of both chrome VI and chrome III, which can be ideally used / applied within our reactive permeable groundwater barriers, as well as for stabilisation applications.

This range of clays was specifically designed in respect to chromium contamination. An E-Clay was developed which could simultaneously chemically immobilise both the cationic (chrome III) and anionic (chrome VI) forms, which commonly occur at contaminated sites. To be effective the modified clay must be able to absorb and react with both these forms.

Partially modified clay showing inclusion of cationic (trivalent Cr & other metals) and anionic (hexavalent Cr) heavy metals

ChromeSorb can be applied as an additive in a stabilisation approach to control leachate and / or can be incorporated into a reactive groundwater barrier to treat contaminated groundwater. In both instances the treatment is a one step treatment operation.

Extensive testing and field trials have demonstrated the efficacy of this process

ChromeSorb E-Clay hexavalent chromium treatment
efficacies for 1mg/L, 10mg/L and 100mg/L Cr(VI) solutions
Hexavalent chromium adsorption to ChromeSorb E-Clay
products; P10, P20, P40, P60 and P80