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Working throughout the UK, Envirotreat are able to offer a full bioremediation capability. Envirotreat employs the proven and successful Sanexen Process under exclusive licence.

This capability is bolstered by the major advantage of being able to treat a wide range of biodegradable pollutants regardless of ambient temperature, as developed in Canada.

Key Benefits

Some advantages of the bioremediation technology include:

The contaminants are broken down and destroyed, and therefore removed from the material, thus providing a toxicity removal process that is preferred by the regulators

  • ┬áBiopile systems are relatively easy to design and construct;
  • Remediation can be completed in a relatively short period of time;
  • ┬áThe bioremediation process offers a cost competitive technology compared to thermal desorption, which is another commonly used above ground treatment technology for removing or reducing organic contamination;
  • The bioremediation process can be engineered to be potentially effective for most combinations of site conditions;
  • Can be combined with E-Clay stabilisation for best effect to treat recalcitrant species such as multi ring PAH's.


The applicability of Bio-Pile technology to reduce the concentration of contamination in excavated soils through the use of aerobic biodegradation has been used successfully for many years in a number of countries worldwide. The process is cost-effective for the treatment of biodegradable pollutants.