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Stabilisation / Solidification


The Envirotreat® Stabilisation & Solidification (S/S) Technology is a chemical and physical immobilisation technique incorporating the use of specially modified E-Clays and other specialist additives including bitumastic emulsions.

The E-Clays can be applied for the effective remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater, enabling contaminated material to be brought back into effective use on a sound technical and commercial basis. The clays function by chemically reacting with and immobilising both inorganic and organic pollutants.

Envirotreat’s proprietary advanced E-Clay stabilisation technology is recognised as the most effective form of soil contaminant stabilisation available. Envirotreat have successfully treated soils contaminated by a wide range of chemicals including the most commonly found problem contaminants in the UK (i.e. hydrocarbons and hazardous metals). The patented technology relies on modification of smectite clays. The modifications allow the contaminants to become bonded within the E-Clay structure, thus reducing leachability.

One of the unique attributes of the E-Clay Technology is its flexibility for application to a range of simple and / or complex contamination issues. Contamination can vary on a site by site and even hot-spot by hot-spot basis. The E-Clays can be designed to treat a complex cocktail of contaminants including mixed organic and inorganic / heavy metal contamination, as well as simple heavy metal contamination.

Bitumastic emulsions can be employed for the physical encapsulation of high organic content (tars and oils) wastes and soils. This technology can be used in combination with E-Clay Stabilisation to achieve the most robust treatment solution.

Key Benefits

The benefits associated with Envirotreat advanced stabilisation are:-

  • Optimum re-use of material on site.
  • Minimal or no requirement for import of clean fill.
  • Can be utilised for "pre-treatment" prior to off-site disposal at landfill when required.
  • Advanced stabilisation can easily be incorporated into the overall remediation strategy for the site (physical stabilisation), treatment areas required are relatively small and utilise readily available plant, likely to be on site at the time.
  • No problematic waste streams associated with the process.
  • Low mobilisation costs.
  • Cost effective in comparison to alternative approaches.
  • Ability to scale operation up / down to suit remediation requirements.


The Envirotreat S/S technology is effective at treating a large range of contaminants (metals, inorganic and organic) over a wide concentration range. It addresses many of the perceived disadvantages of stabilisation.

Envirotreat E-Clays can be combined with bitumastic emulsions and / or cementitous materials (including pozzolanic materials) to achieve effective remediation and required geotechnical properties.

This technology is implemented in one of two ways.

Ex-Situ - generally large sites, where contamination is limited to top few metres and excavation is not perceived an issue.

In-Situ - generally smaller sites, where excavation is difficult or contamination is at depth, also used when excavation is perceived an issue from a contamination point of view.