Former Mount Hotel, Clent, West Midlands

Site Background & History

The site is located in the grounds of the former Mount Hotel in Clent, West Midlands. The site is irregular in shape circa 130 m at it longest (SW to NE) by 70 m (W to E) – Approx. area 0.5 Hectares. The site has a large slope elevating from West to East by circa 14 m. The fauna comprises rough ruderal surface vegetation, semi mature trees, mature trees and patches of Japanese Knotweed [JKW] within the west and southwest of the site.

It is proposed to develop the site for residential purposes which will comprise of house and flatted accommodation incorporating part of the exiting Mount Hotel.

Following a site assessment carried out in December 2013, Envirotreat prepared a Knotweed Management Plan [KMP], including an action plan designed to fit the timeframes and requirements of the client.

Envirotreat identified two distinct areas of JKW based on evidence of canes. One area being relativity small and possibility the result of a single plant and further, larger area approx. 20 m by 10 m with more established plants.

As part of the KMP an isolation area was agreed.

Remediation Works

In January 2014, based on the agreed KMP, Envirotreat undertook a managed dig operation to remove the bulk of the JKW offsite. In total approx. 50 tonnes of soil was removed offsite.

In accordance with the KMP, Envirotreat revisited site during the active growing period to re-assess the extent of any regrowth.

A review of the site indicated a significant reduction of the presence of Japanese Knotweed plants in those areas where the excavations had taken place. The plants that were present were small.

A small clump of more established plants remained beneath a large tree where excavations were not possible.

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