Site Background & History

The site is the former GKN Stoke Works, Sheepbridge, Chesterfield. The GKN site operations were regulated by the Environment Agency under the auspices of a PPC Permit.

Wardell Armstrong identified two contamination ‘hot-spots’ on the site, the North-Western Hot-Spot was heavily contaminated with total petroleum hydrocarbons [TPH], chlorinated hydrocarbons i.e. trichloroethene [TCE] and tetrachloroethene / perchloroethene [PCE] and hexavalent chromium [Cr VI]. The Central Hot-Spot contamination was identified as  paraffin / kerosene which was understood to be as a consequence of historical spillages. 

Remediation Works

Remediation works in the North Western Hot-Spot area comprised source treatment (E-Clay / Chromsorb Stabilisation) and the design / installation of an E-Clay Permeable Reactive Barrier to protect to protect the adjacent Barlow Brook from potential contamination impacts.

Remediation works in the Central Hot-Spot comprised supplementary investigation in combination with extensive supporting analysis to confirm that remediation was not required.


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