New Commercial Development – Glasgow

Envirotreat, along with Onsite Surveys Ltd complete the remediation of a site for a new commercial development on-behalf of South Lanarkshire Council, working closely with Mason Evans Partnership. Historically the site had been used for various industrial purposes, resulting in most of the site having significant hydrocarbon contamination. Envirotreat were able to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed E-Clay stabilisation by undertaking a series of treatability trials. The overall remediation strategy was designed to protect both human health and groundwater receptors. Leachate analysis of treated soils and post remediation monitoring of groundwater was undertaken to demonstrate the successful remediation of the site.

Representatives from the Local Authority, Main Contractor (LM Construction), Architects (McLennan Partnership), Environment Consultants (Mason Evans Partnership), Structural Engineers (Odin) and Envirotreat. (click to view full image)

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