Earthworks Remediation and Management

Envirotreat recognises the importance of soil (materials) management throughout a development. Get it right and there are significant time and cost savings benefits in addition to environmental gains. Getting it wrong can result in significant fines under new HMRC powers (April 2018) where the scope of Landfill Tax now extends to development sites.

At Envirotreat we have extensive experience of working closely with our clients in the management of their enabling works to maximise profit, program and green credentials.

Envirotreat can offer a range of bespoke solutions to suit client’s requirements, these may include

  • “Watching Brief”, whereby Envirotreat supervise client enabling works to maximise reuse onsite and minimise costly offsite disposal
  • All risk management for the offsite disposal element of the earthworks, whereby Envirotreat provide cost certainty in in respect to overall offsite disposal.
  • Envirotreat can maximise soil reuse on site (or between sites if required) to minimise client cost and provide the necessary assurances / evidence in accordance with the CL:aire Definition of Waste : Code of Practice (DoW:CoP)
  • Management of offsite disposal to minimise costs associated with Landfill Tax, and
  • Integration with The Treatment Hub to provide a recycling option for unsuitable soils identified on site

Delivering land you can develop

Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology