Site Investigation

Envirotreat are able to offer a full range of geotechnical and environmental site investigation capabilities.

We are able to work with you in delivering a focused site investigation for your site. Our team of experienced multi-disciplinary team professional engineers and scientists are very experienced in the technical requirements for an effective site investigation ensuring that your subsequent remediation and development achieves regulatory approval.

“How many times have you commissioned a site investigation only to be informed that further down the road that it does not meet with regulatory requirements or ties you into costly additional measures?”

Having over 20 years experience in designing remediation strategies and undertaking post remediation/ development validation, we fully understand the implications of a inadequate site investigation and associated conclusions / recommendations and the impact these can have on the development programme / costs.

We often encounter instances of missed contamination, unrealistic remediation criteria, insufficient data for regulatory approval/ signoff, over designed capping & gas membranes, excessive / costly attendance, poor options appraisal, costly offsite disposal, etc.

Envirotreat are able to work with you in understanding your project requirements and designing and delivering a cost effective, focused site investigation which addresses many of the issues many of you have encountered.

At Envirotreat we are able to offer a full comprehensive range of site investigation works including

  • Phase 1 — desk study
  • Phase 2 — intrusive investigation
  • Phase 3 — remediation strategy
  • Phase 4 — validation



Delivering land you can develop

Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology