Excellent stuff…I must admit you have played a superb role throughout your involvement here.

Greyhound Homes

Envirotreat was brought onto the project for their expertise in managing risks to sensitive controlled waters receptors. The Environment Agency was concerned that the development could not be undertaken without potentially polluting the nearby River Thames. Through the installation of a permeable reactive barrier, Envirotreat overcame this objection and allowed the project to proceed. Their work was undertaken in a timely, professional manner and received prompt regulatory sign-off.

Leap Environmental

During construction works on a new Showroom and Workshop for Glenside Commercials in Newport; contaminated soils were encountered. Under the guidance of Envirotreat with their vast remediation experience, we were able to maximise the soil reuse on site and through use of their Treatment Hub in Swansea they were able to recycle the surplus contaminated soils.

Mike Jones

Envirotreat provided a unique remediation solution that successfully addressed the complex contamination issues identified on the site

Michael Kelly

We use Envirotreat as they understand and provide cost effective solutions to complex site contamination

Mark Reeve

Delivering land you can develop

Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology