Working with Chase Commercial and GIP to implement remediation strategy

Working with Chase Commercial and GIP, Envirotreat implemented a remediation strategy designed to support the redevelopment of several industrial / commercial units within Warwickshire. This was a joint project between Envirotreat Technologies Ltd and Onsite Surveys Ltd. The units through previous industrial usage were contaminated with hydrocarbon contamination (including chlorinated hydrocarbons as well as total petroleum hydrocarbons). The scheme proposed consisted of E-Clay stabilisation of identified contamination hotspots both outside and within the units (under the existing floor slab) coupled with the design / implementation of an E-Clay Permeable Barrier to protect a sensitive surface water receptor at the site boundary. The innovative approach enabled the units to be fully refurbished as opposed to demolition to enable more traditional remediation approaches.

Hydrocarbon picture shows impacted soils excavated outside the unit

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