Working with RJ McLeod and Halcrow, Envirotreat design a remediation strategy

Working with RJ McLeod and Halcrow, Envirotreat designed a remediation strategy to treat hydrocarbon impacted soils associated with the former usage of the site as a steel mill. The project formed part of the overall Clyde Gateway redevelopment scheme. Envirotreat and OnSite Surveys implemented the treatment of circa 6,500m3 of TPH / PAH impacted soils excavated by RJ McLeod. Following E-Clay stabilisation the treated soils were validated against the remediation criteria developed by Halcrow. All soils were successfully treated and retained onsite. In addition an estimated 1,000m3 of contaminated groundwater was treated in the stabilisation process.

Picture shows Ex-Situ E-Clay Stabilisation:

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