Envirotreat carried out E-Clay Stabilisation at the former Dalmarnock Gas Works in Glasgow

Envirotreat Technologies Limited  carried out E-Clay Stabilisation of circa 15,000m3 of contaminated gas works wastes at the former Dalmarnock Gas Works in Glasgow. The treatment process was designed to address the complex contamination issues associated with the site, specifically filter cake residue (resulting from soil washing processing), spent oxide waste (highly elevated total and free cyanides levels) and general gas works waste (tarry waste, mixed wastes, etc). The remediation works were carried out both ex-situ and in-situ to enable reuse of treated material on-site. The project was completed within a 12 week timescale.

The photograph shows In-Situ E-Clay Stabilisation of general gas works waste within a former gas holder.

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