Envirotreat launch soil recycling facility – ‘The Treatment Hub’

Envirotreat have launched ‘The Treatment Hub’ in September 2013. The Hub is a joint venture between Envirotreat and Earth Science Partnership. The Hub is a unique soil treatment facility in the South Wales region with a bespoke Environmental Permit which enables acceptance and treatment of a wide range of contamination (including hazardous and non-hazardous wastes).

The Hub is a secure and fully permitted facility utilising Envirotreat’s own proprietary remediation technologies to provide bespoke solutions which can enable material re-use on development projects. The Hub has received support from the Local Authority, Natural Resources Wales, WRAP and CL:AIRE since its inception. The CL:AIRE Code of Practice & Cluster Register is a key element of The Hub process.

Delivering land you can develop

Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology