Commissioned by the Cuddy Group to provide remediation and support services

Envirotreat Technologies Ltd was commissioned by the Cuddy Group to provide remediation and support services for the redevelopment of the central and eastern areas of the former Acordis chemical works in Coventry – the site is being developed for residential purposes by Persimmon. Envirotreat previously provided support services in 2013 for the commercial development in the western area of the site (Lex Autolease). Envirotreat developed a remediation strategy for the site which was approved by the regulatory bodies. The strategy involved the remediation of previously identified hydrocarbon contaminated ‘hot-spots and the provision of a ‘watching brief’ as required with supporting analytical testing of soils. The remediation works comprised of the excavation of the identified ‘hot-spots’ (and validation of the excavations to demonstrate effective removal of the contaminated soils) and subsequent treatment of the excavated soils by Ex-Situ E-Clay Stabilisation. The treated soils were stockpiled pending reuse on-site.

Photograph shows the Ex-Situ E-Clay Stabilisation Treatment Process

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