Commissioned by Muir Construction to undertake treatment of contaminated soils

Envirotreat Scotland Ltd was commissioned by Muir Construction to undertake treatment of contaminated soils at a former petrol filling station [PFS] in MacAlpine Road, Dundee. The soils were contaminated with total petroleum hydrocarbon and BTEX pollutants associated with the historical usage of the site as a PFS.

The site was being redeveloped as a Lidl retail store – Lidl previously occupied the adjoining land area and it was decided for expansion reasons to relocate the store on the site of the former PFS and construct a car parking area in place of the existing store.

The appointed consultant was Mason Evans Partnership [MEP]. Envirotreat worked with MEP to delineate the extent of the source contamination to satisfy the requirements of Dundee City Council.

The contaminated soils were excavated and treated ex-situ by E-Clay Stabilisation – the soils were treated for compliance with remediation target criteria developed by MEP to enable reuse on the redevelopment site as a whole – circa 2,000m3 was treated within a four-week programme.

The photograph shows the completed development.

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