Former Springfield Brewery Site, Wolverhampton – Soil Management & Watching Brief

Envirotreat Technologies Ltd was commissioned by Thomas Vale to develop and implement a remediation strategy to enable the redevelopment of the former Springfield Brewery Site in Wolverhampton – Thomas Vale are constructing a university technical college on the site (i.e. the West Midlands Construction – University Technical College referred to as WMCUTC).

The remediation strategy focused on material management on the site with the provision to carry out treatment of contaminated soils on the site (if required). The site investigations had identified hydrocarbon and asbestos contamination on the site – the contamination was fairly localised and was managed effectively on the site without the need for treatment.

The approved remediation strategy comprised of assessing the soils against the agreed remediation target criteria with the aim of maximising the reuse on-site and ensuring that only inert soils were disposed of offsite – a significant volume of surplus soils were generated on-site as a consequence of the designated ‘cut’ requirements for the construction of building foundations, drainage and for the multi-use games area [MUGA] – these soils were analysed and delineated by Envirotreat through the ‘watching brief’ provided.

Envirotreat implemented the approved remediation strategy and achieved the target objectives – this resulted in a significant time and cost saving to the client.

The photograph shows the management of the enabling works through the ‘watching brief’.

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