Remediation and Enabling Works at Pershore Street, Birmingham

Envirotreat Technologies Ltd was commissioned by Thomas Vale to design and implement a remediation strategy to address historical contamination issues on the site at Pershore Street in the centre of Birmingham. The objective was to enable the redevelopment of the site for residential use. The approved remediation strategy involved the treatment of contaminated soils to enable reuse on-site and to effectively control the management of soils for either reuse or offsite disposal. The prime contaminants of concern on the site were heavy metals associated with historical activities on the site. Envirotreat treated circa 3,000m3 of contaminated soils by E-Clay Stabilisation to enable reuse on site.

The overall net ‘cut’ on the site was 2000m3 necessitating the removal from site of a significant volume of surplus soils – the required cut was achieved through the delineation of inert natural soils and made ground with the aim of only removing inert soils from the site.

Envirotreat additionally carried out a significant element of the enabling groundworks (as these works were integral with the delivery of the proposed remediation strategy).

The photograph shows the soil management works being undertaken.

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