Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium at Roade, Northamptonshire

Envirotreat Technologies Ltd was commissioned by our client (on behalf of Persimmon Homes) to undertake treatment of contaminated soils impacted with predominantly hexavalent chromium [Cr VI] and cyanide pollutants on a site in Roade, Northamptonshire. The contamination was associated with the former use of a metal plating and anodising shop on the site – other metallic pollutants were also identified on the site – primarily copper, nickel and zinc (also derived from former plating activities). Envirotreat utilised an advanced stabilisation process to treat the contaminated soils / materials for compliance with the designated remediation target criteria to enable reuse on-site (primarily to protect controlled waters from the risk of pollution by Cr VI and cyanide – these pollutants posed a significant risk to groundwater due to their inherent high solubility, mobility, and toxicity). The advanced stabilisation process utilised ChromeSorb® (a proprietary form of E-Clay designed to chemically sorb and immobilise both cationic metallic species (trivalent chromium Cr3+, nickel Ni2+ etc) and anionic species (hexavalent chromium typically in the form of chromate CrO­42- and cyanide species CN-). Over 4000m3 of contaminated soils / materials were treated utilising the advanced stabilisation process.

The Rolton Group were the environmental consultants for the project.

The photograph shows the ex-situ treatment of contaminated soils with the advanced stabilisation process (incorporating ChromeSorb).

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