Remediation of the former JCB Heavy Products Site, Uttoxeter

Envirotreat Technologies Ltd was commissioned by JCB to develop a Remediation Strategy and gain Regulatory approval for the former JCB Heavy Plant site in Uttoxeter.

Previous site investigation works undertaken by GIP confirmed the presence of significant pervasive hydrocarbon contamination across the site presenting an identified risk to Human Health and ground and surface water (the Picknall Brook that runs through the site).

Envirotreat developed, and subsequently gained Regulatory approval for, an integrated remediation strategy comprising source treatment of identified contamination hotspots and installation of 420 m E-Clay Permeable Reactive Barrier along the site boundary with the Picknall Brook.

Envirotreat employed a licenced asbestos removal contractor to supervise/monitor the removal of asbestos contaminated soils from a number of below ground machine pit, prior to their removal.

Envirotreat installed a number of boreholes between the barrier location and Picknall Brook to monitor groundwater quality. Groundwater monitoring confirmed the efficacy of the agreed remediation strategy for the site.

The photograph shows some of the contamination encountered during the remediation works.

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