Residential Development, Gayton, Norfolk

Envirotreat Technologies was engaged by Chalcroft Construction to formulate a remediation solution to address unexpected contamination at a residential site located in Gayton, Norfolk. Initial works centred on trial pit excavations to locate hydrocarbon contamination that had previously been reported by groundworkers during foundation excavations. The findings of this were discussed with the client and the local council who agreed on a plan to locate, assess and delineate any potential contamination.  The findings confirmed an area of elevated hydrocarbon contamination which required stabilisation with Envirotreat E-Clay Technology.  Envirotreat engaged Leap Environmental to carry out focussed gas monitoring around a number of completed plots to confirm the requirements for any gas protection measures in this area. The extensive Site Investigation and Remediation Works carried out concluded that no unacceptable pollutant linkages remained from the contamination encountered during construction works.

Photograph showing Trial Pit Excavation:

Gayton Norfolk - Trial Pit Excavation

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