Former GE Aviation, Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton

Envirotreat was commissioned by the client to develop and agree a Remediation Strategy with the Regulatory Bodies for the Former GE Aviation site in Wolverhampton. Site operations had included the design and manufacture of flight control actuation for both commercial and military aircraft. Once agreed Envirotreat carried out the stabilisation of around 3000 m3 of TCE / TPH and hexavalent Chromium impacted soils and the installation of a 400 m long E-Cay Permeable Reactive Barrier System designed to protect the adjacent River Penk from contamination migrating from site. In addition, Envirotreat reinstated tarmac and concrete slabs within the main building following reinstatement of the stabilised soils. Working closely with the client and other subcontractors on site enabled the building to be refitted in time for the client’s relocation.

Photograph showing the PRB Installation

Wobaston Road PRB Installation

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