PFAS Remediation with PFASorb

Envirotreat is pleased to announce the launch of PFASorb®, a new addition to Envirotreat’s E-Clay family specifically developed for the treatment of the PFAS range of pollutants.

Envirotreat has undertaken comprehensive treatability trials on samples collected from a development site contaminated by PFAS (amongst other pollutants), and have been able to demonstrate greater than 98% reduction in PFAS leachability (mobility) following stabilisation using PFASorb E-Clay.

In addition, the technology is suitable for Permeable Reactive Barrier applications. Used in combination as an integrated remediation approach this will provide a robust solution for the protection of groundwater and offsite receptors.

The development of PFASorb has enabled Envirotreat, following a detailed Remediation Options Appraisal to propose a robust integrated remediation strategy of PFASorb stabilisation and groundwater treatment at the development site to address PFOS in groundwater impacting the adjoining brook.

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