Regulatory Approval

Envirotreat are pleased to confirm that we have achieved Regulatory approval / sign off for both the required Site Investigation and Remediation Strategy for a complex Brownfield site in Staffordshire. Working closely with the Environment Agency, approval for the commencement of remediation works to address groundwater pollution concerns has been achieved. The site had remained dormant since the later 1990’s with many attempts to progress the site to development, none of which were successful in fully understanding the complex contamination / pathway / receptor risks.

The Envirotreat strategy, involving further focused site investigation and E-Clay stabilisation and Permeable Reactive Barrier coupled with a comprehensive validation strategy address the Regulators concerns.

The approved, commercially favourable strategy will deliver a site suitable for residential development.

Approach us with your problematic Brownfield sites for review and see if we can deliver for your development.

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