Andy Rive

Solid Waste was very pleased to be approached by Envirotreat and Rok to discuss how contamination at the Northern Quarter development site could be managed in a safe and sustainable manner. Envirotreat’s proposal of onsite treatment to stabilise and contain contaminants within the soil matrix was quite novel within Jersey, reusing materials retained and mapped within the site footprint without causing further harm and so alleviating the pressure on local waste resources. The communication from Envirotreat was very good, with their experience and knowledge in Duty of Care and Chain of custody, which meant ticketing, logging and tracking the waste movements allowed for good confidence that only those materials approved by Solid Waste for disposal as inert were transferred to our waste site. In the case of any issues Envirotreat and Rok were diligent and reactive to solving the problems to maintain a good consistent process and professional working relationship.

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Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology