Materials management (soils) Castings, Brownhills

Envirotreat was commissioned by Sedon Group (on behalf of Castings PLC) to undertake a materials management (soils) to facilitate a warehouse extension at their site in Brownhills.

Envirotreat was contracted by Seddon to design and implement the required remediation works. The works included the cost-effective management of soils / materials on-site and off-site disposal of surplus soils and materials.

Site investigations had identified contamination within the made ground. The prime contaminants of concern were metals (copper, lead and zinc) and petroleum hydrocarbons.

The on-site management of soils was carried out utilising the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice [DoWCoP].

Envirotreat produced a Materials Management Plan [MMP] in accordance with the previously agreed Remediation Strategy to effectively manage the cut and fill element of the enabling works.

On completion pf the remediation works, Envirotreat provided a piling mat at both levels to facilitate the subsequent piling. The piling mats were constructed using imported recycled materials (6F5 ).

Part of the site had been blighted with Japanese Knotweed, these were excavated and removed from site in full accordance with the Environment Agency Code of Practice.

The remedial works were completed within the required timeframe and carried out in full accordance with the approved remediation strategy. All material movements on site were managed effectively using the MMP. A Validation Report was produced upon completion of the works enabling discharge of the relevant planning conditions.

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