Soil Management Plan Olive Primary School

Envirotreat was commissioned  by Bouygues UK to provide support (soil management plan) for the management and disposal of surplus soils associated with a new school in Birmingham

Initially Envirotreat undertook a comprehensive site investigation to gain a full understanding of the site soils.

On the basis of this information, Envirotreat was able to effectively manage the required 13,000 tonne of surplus soils disposal. All soils were sent to local recycling facilities as non-hazardous resulting in a significant cost saving over the original envisaged disposal costs.

In additional, Envirotreat provided the following:-

  • Enabling works to formation.
  • Material Management of onsite soils,
  • UST tank¬† decommissioning, removal & delineation
  • Discovery strategy
  • Watching brief
  • Validation

Delivering land you can develop

Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology