Gas works remediation Isle of Man

Envirotreat was commissioned by a local developer (Haven Homes) to undertake gas works remediation at the former Port St Mary gas works site. The works included site investigation, develop a remediation strategy, gain regulatory approval of the strategy & the remediation method statement, undertake remediation, validate and obtain regulatory approval on completion.

As part of the site investigation, Envirotreat undertook trial pit excavations and borehole installations to gain a better understanding of the source and groundwater contamination present on the site. The site investigation found typical gas works contaminants in the shallow soils and underlying groundwater, for instance TPH, PAH (predominately naphthalene), cyanide and phenols.

The approved strategy involved the in-situ E-Clay stabilisation of contaminated soils (to minimise odours), ex-situ E-Clay stabilisation of stockpiled contaminated soils and the installation of an E-Clay Permeable Reactive Barrier.

The works were undertaken under a bespoke Permit developed between Envirotreat and DEFA.

Strict protocols were agreed to protect offsite receptors from odours and hazardous compounds. This was expanded following a liaison with local stakeholders.

Up on completion of the remediation works ongoing monitoring of groundwater was undertaken.


Port St Mary PRB Installation

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