Groundwater Remediation at the former Newbury Gas Works

Envirotrear was commissioned by Cognition Land & Water to undertake the grounwater remediation at the fomer Newbuy Gas works.

The site investigation works were undertaken by CGL. The investigations identified soil and groundwater contamination across the majority of the site that posed a potential risk to human health and the wider environment

CGL undertook a comprehensive remediation options appraisal. The key risk was identified to be off-site migration of contaminated groundwater towards the River Kennet. The remediation strategy comprised of a combination of permeable reactive barrier and impermeable barrier sections, designed to break the pathway between the contamination identified on-site and off-site receptors. CGL stated that a continuous barrier wall should be constructed around the site (to address both off-site migration site of the contamination plume and to prevent offsite contamination from potentially re-contaminating the site following remediation).

Two types of barrier were installed at the site forming the complete barrier system for the site as a whole – the barrier comprised of permeable reactive and low permeability sections.

The permeable reactive barrier sections were designed to treat the identified contaminants of concern.

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