Hub & Cluster Site, Swindon

Site Background & History

The remediation project was based in Swindon and involved two sites, the ‘Donor Site’ at Galton Way and the ‘Receiver Site’ at Shaw Forest Park approximately 2 miles away. Both sites are owned by Swindon Borough Council and therefore deemed to be cluster sites for regulatory / remediation purposes.

A 900m3 soil stockpile had been created at Galton Way resulting from a recent road improvement scheme within the Bruce Street Bridge area of Swindon. This area was associated with the former town gas works and it was concluded that the stockpiled soils had the potential to be contaminated.

Swindon Borough Council had identified a requirement for soils at Shaw Forest Park – these soils were required to create earthwork bunds along the access road to prevent fly tipping (prevalent in the area).

Swindon Borough Council invited tender submissions for a designated works package which included soil stabilisation, validation, transfer of the soils to Shaw Forest Park and the creation of earthwork bunds in accordance with the agreed plans. Envirotreat was the successful bidder, scoring highly, not just on cost, but also on quality and anticipated timescales – Envirotreat proposed undertaking the complete works package within four weeks, which was considerably shorter than other tender submissions. Envirotreat proposed the use of E-Clay Stabilisation for the treatment process.

Remediation Works

Envirotreat attended site at Galton Way undertook a trial pit investigation of the soil stockpile to obtain a
comprehensive understanding of the soil contamination profile. The resultant analysis suggested that approximately two thirds of the stockpiled soils were potentially compliant with the proposed reuse criteria.

A remediation strategy was developed by Envirotreat based on the findings from the trial pit investigations – the strategy involved the transfer of excavated soils from the Galton Way stockpile to an adjoining treatment compound (the ‘Hub Site’) and segregation into separate sub-stockpiles within the compound depending on contamination status.

Soils considered as being suitable for reuse without further treatment were sampled and tested to confirm suitability. Soils considered to be contaminated and not compliant with the reuse criteria were stockpiled
separately awaiting treatment.


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