Integrated remediation works of former industrial site, Bromsgrove

Remediation works involving the E-Clay stabilisation and design / installation of a permeable reactive barrier at former industrial site Bromsgrove

Site Background & History

The site is located in Sherwood Road, Bromsgrove and was formerly occupied by a manufacturing facility, primarily producing automotive components between 1964 and 2002.

The site is split into two distinct areas by the Spadesbourne Brook – the main body of the site (eastern side of the brook) was previously occupied by the former factory building and the remainder of the site (western side of the brook) was utilised as a parking area.

Site investigation works by GIP showed the  site to be significantly affected by historical (hydrocarbon – predominantly total petroleum hydrocarbon) contamination.

The site been granted planning consent for the redevelopment of the site for retail purposes (Homebase and Pets at Home). There were a number of planning conditions relating to land contamination – the pre-commencement conditions were addressed by the submission and approval by the regulatory bodies of an acceptable Remediation Strategy and Method Statement.


Identified receptors were the protection of controlled waters and in particular the Spadesbourne Brook and human heath. An integrated remediation strategy was developed to address the identified
contamination issues. 

The strategy incorporated E-Clay stabilisation  to address identified gross contamination and an E-Clay Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) to address residual hydrocarbon impacted groundwater impacting the Spadesbourne Brook and other offsite receptors. The protection of human health would be achieved by the presence of hardstanding / car parking areas providing an effective pathway break.

Circa 1,500m3 of hydrocarbon impacted soils were treated and a 175m PRB installed.


Treated soils were validated by leach testing and comparison to agreed target criteria. Groundwater was monitored post remediation to demonstrate that pollution levels were being the agreed target criteria.

A comprehensive Validation report was prepared on completion of the works and subsequent monitoring.

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