Remediation works associated with former scrap yard, Pyle

Integrated remediation works of hydrocarbon and heavy metal contamination by E-Clay PRB and stabilisation.

Site Background & History

The site is located on Village Farm Industrial Estate in Pyle, South Wales. The site is used as a storage yard for vehicles / trailers and recovered materials (old electrical transformers, wires, etc.).

The client had been granted planning consent for the Phase 1 redevelopment of part of the site comprising the construction of a single storey office block and associated car parking area and for the Phase 2 redevelopment of the service yard to enable recycling to be undertaken at a later date.

Earth Science Partnership [ESP] has been working with the client to enable the consolidation of a number of satellite operations into the Pyle Site.

ESP had developed an overarching remediation strategy to satisfy the requirements of Bridgend County Borough Planning Department and Natural Resources Wales.

The prime concerns of the regulators were the protection of human health and controlled waters (based on site investigative information and the historical use of the site as a scrap yard).

ESP had previously identified predominantly hydrocarbon and metallic contamination within the soils and groundwater – the source contamination was localised within the made ground.

Contaminated groundwater was shown to be migrating through the made ground in a south westerly direction – there was clearly an identified risk to the controlled water receptor located in close proximity to the site (the Afon Fach).

Remediation Works.

Envirotreat proposed an integrated remediation strategy comprising source treatment by E-Clay Stabilisation in combination with the installation of an E-Clay Permeable Reactive Barrier to protect groundwater receptors.

The initial remediation works involved the installation of the permeable reactive barrier system. The barrier was installed along both the southern and western boundaries of the site (60m and 30m in length respectively). The
barrier was designed to intercept and treat the shallow contaminated groundwater within the made ground.
Contaminated soils and groundwater associated with the identified “hotspot” were excavated, treated, validated and reinstated.


The remediation works implemented onsite met the environmental requirement of the the proposed strategy.

A comprehensive Validation Report was prepared on completion of the remediation works

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