Remediation at Cefn Saeson School, Neath

Envirotreat was commissioned by the Prichard Holdings to undertake remediation works the treatment and reuse of contaminated soils encountered during further site investigation works at the former Cefn Saeson School.

The old Cefn Saeson School was being demolished as part of a new Secondary School development.

A site investigation undertaken by Tetra Tech on behalf of Morgan Sindall (Principal Contractor) had indicated circa 500 m3 of contaminated soils under a existing car park. The contamination consisted of elevated hydrocarbons and heavy metals (lead and zinc). A WM3 soil assessment indicated the soils to be Hazardous (17-05-03). No suitable receiver sites in Wales could be identified which were Permitted to accept the waste.

Envirotreat \proposed a remediation stratgey proposal of E-Clay stabilisation to address the identified risks to groundwater. The stratgey was approved by Tetra Tech and the regulators. Human Health were to be addressed by reusing the material under hard standing areas elsewhere on the development.

As a consequence of the close proximity of the school (together with the works being undertaken during term time), Envirotreat carried out extensive environmental monitoring at key locations around the site during the remediation work. The environmental monitoring comprised:

  • Noise Monitoring,
  • VOC Monitoring (using a handheld MiniRea – a 1 ppm [benzene] threshold was used),
  • Dust Monitoring (using a Dustscan measuring total, respirable and PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 1.0),
  • Odour Monitoring and
  • Weather Monitoring

On completion of the remediation works, Envirotreat produced a Validation Report. This report indicated that the treated soils met the agreed remeidation criteria and therefore suitable for reuse as part of a waste recovery operation.

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