Remediation works (E-Clay stabilisation) at Chineham

E-Clay stabilisation of hydrocarbon and heavy metal contaminated soils.


Site Overview

Historically, the Chineham site was utilised as an engineering processing plant.
This previous usage resulted in widespread soil contamination. Elevated levels of hydrocarbons and heavy metals were identified within the made ground

Remediation Objective

The remediation strategy for the Chineham site was designed to address the on-site source contamination and pathway contamination to the surrounding environment and site end user.

Remediation works

Envirotreat employed an ex-situ soil mixing remediation strategy for the treatment of over 1,200 m3 of contaminated soils.


Validation of the treated material was carried out on a number of representative samples, which were leached tested and assessed against the agreed remediation target criteria.
A comprehensive Validation Report was prepared on completion of the remediation works

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