Remediation works Waterford

Remediation works involving the E-Clay stabilisation of hydrocarbon contamination soils at Anne Street Waterford

The site was being developed for residential end use.
Historical of the site resulted in widespread soil hydrocarbon contamination across the site. Elevated levels of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) were identified within the made ground and perched groundwater.
As construction had already commenced the main contractor required a rapid remediation technique in order to minimise disruption and maintain project viability.

The strategy for the Anne Street site was designed to address the source contamination onsite and indirectly the pathway contamination issues, with the intention of protecting Human Health and the identified groundwater receptors.

Following an option appraisal of available remediation techniques, stabilisation with E-Clay was found to meet all the site constraints.
The remediation strategy involved the treatment of over 800m³ of contaminated soils.

A number of representative samples were leach tested and assessed against the agreed remediation criteria.
A Validation Report was prepared on completion.

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