Remediation works of contaminated soils from Kent Station Co Cork

Remediation works of contaminated soils from Kent Station Co Cork.


The remediation was undertaken in association with Atlas Environmental at their facility in Portlaoise, Ireland.

identified contaminant of concern were heavy metals (including copper, lead, arsenic and zinc) and total petroleum hydrocarbons.

The ex-situ E-Clay stabilisation of contaminated soil together with bioremediation enabled compliance with the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) through the immobilisation of leachable pollutants within the soils.

Prior to the works being undertaken Envirotreat undertook a number of treatability trials (bench scale) on representative samples to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed treatment strategy.

Validation of the recovered soil was carried out by Envirotreat by the collection of representative samples of the treated material for leachate and WAC assessment.

On completion of the works Envirotreat prepared a comprehensive Validation Report.

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