Site Investigation Dumballs Road, Cardiff

Envirotreat was commissioned by Bellerophon to undertake a comprehensive ground investigation of the former Curran Works off Dumballs Road, Cardiff.

Envirotreat excavated 23 number trial pits and installed 10 number light percussion groundwater monitoring boreholes across the site.

Soil samples from both trial pits and borehole installations were assessed for a full range of analytical suites and asbestos screening (including quantitative asbestos analysis). Three rounds of borehole monitoring were undertaken including gas gas and groundwater sampling for analysis.

An assessment of the findings showed metal and hydrocarbon GAC exceedances.

Asbestos (Chrysotile, Amosite, Crocidolite) has been widely encountered within the Made Ground.

Preliminary groundwater testing has recorded elevated levels of copper, mercury, nickel, zinc, fluroanthene and Total TPH.


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