Site Investigation – Shotley Gate

Envirotreat was commissioned by Wavensmere Homes together with Galliard Homes to undertake a comprehensive geo-environmental site investigation at the former HMS Ganges site at Shotley Gate Suffolk.

The proposed development is for nearly 300 homes. The development will be known as Barrelmans Point.

The site extends to approximately 200,000 m2, with residential development across circa 110,000 m2.

This comprised 166 no exploratory holes across 3 weeks of site work.

  • 126 No. trial pits to 3.5m, or natural soils,
  • 6 No. cable percussion boreholes to 15.5 m
  • 34 No. windowless boreholes to 5m
  • 5 No. Soakage tests
  • Completion of hand shear vane tests in cohesive soils
  • In-situ SPTs (standard penetration tests)
  • Installation of water level monitoring points
  • Collection of soil samples for geoenvironmental and geotechnical laboratory analysis and
  • Topographic surveying of exploratory holes

On completion of the site work and laboratory testing a detailed Phase 2 Site Investigation report was prepared for the client.

A remediation strategy was also developed based on the findings of the Phase 2 Site investigation.

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