Site Investigation, Tank Removal and Hydrocarbon Remediation – Bromsgrove Road, Halesowen

Site Investigation, Tank Removal and Remediation of Residual Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil using E-Clay Stabilisation

Site Background & History

Balmoral UK is a specialist car dealership specialising in the refurbishment and resale of luxury cars –  Balmoral UK. The Bromsgrove Road site site is split into three comprising of a former petrol station (now a hair salon), a car showroom / workshop / offices. The 4 underground fuel tanks remained in place following conversion of the garage, 2 x 500 gallon, 1 x 4,000 gallon and 1 x 8,000 gallon tanks. For insurance purposes, the site owners required the tanks to be decommissioned in line with current legislation.

remediation tank removal e-clay

Initially, Envirotreat assessed the current state of the tanks and confirmed residual contents.

A small site investigation was carried out comprising the installation of three windowless sample boreholes to evaluate any impacts to the surrounding environment. No soil or groundwater impact was recorded, however one of the 500 gallon tanks contained a mix of fuel and water which was removed by vacuum tanker for offsite disposal prior to the commencement of the tank removal works,

Tank Removal

Each tank was exposed in turn and extracted using a conventional excavator. The tanks were subsequently broken up and taken off site for disposal

tank removal remediation e-clay

Remediation of Residual Hydrocarbon Impacted soil

Immediately around the larger tank, a small volume of hydrocarbon impacted soil was observed during removal.  E-Clay Stabilisation was used to treat the soil and immobilise contaminants. Soil samples were collected from the sides and base of the tank void to validate the removal of the tanks. Samples of the treated soil were collected to confirm that contaminants had been successfully stabilised. Once complete, the tank void area was backfilled with clean recycled 6F5 and Type 1 material.


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