Integrated Remediation Strategy Bromley-by-Bow

The Bromley site occupies an area of approximately 7 acres. The site was contaminated with pollutants from historical activities near the site, most notably from the adjacent gasworks. It was the intention of ProLogis (Developer) to redevelop the site for commercial / industrial end use.

The contaminants of concern originated from the nearby gasworks and surrounding industrial area and included, Cyanide, Ammonia, PAH’s and TPH. They were located predominantly within the made ground and underlying gravely clay.

The remediation strategy at the Bromley site was to install an Permeable reactive Barrier incorporating Envirotreat modified pillared E-Clays. This remediation approach addressed the on-site contamination problems and prevented the potential risk of future contamination of the adjacent site through groundwater migration.

Envirotreat were requested to undertake the validation of the barrier. Two boreholes used in the initial site investigation were utilised for validation. They were situated outside of the contaminant plume and in line with the anticipated migration path.

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