Wick Lane, Bow

Remediation of contaminated groundwater at a site  developed by Henley Homes in Bow.

The site is a 0.75 acre development for residential housing.  The site was formerly used as a glass bottle factory, timber storage yard, an engineering firm, a furniture manufacturer and a printing and ink works. Historical use has resulted in soil and groundwater contamination across the site.

The overall remediation strategy was designed to address pathway contamination issues, with the intention of protecting groundwater receptors. The remedial operation involves the installation of an Envirotreat Active Containment System, comprising both passive and active sections (permeable reactive barrier).

The objective being to treat contaminated groundwater as it migrates off-site towards the adjacent River Lea using a combination of cementitious products for the passive sections and proprietary E-clays for the active sections.

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Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology