Asbestos in Soils Management – Ebbw Vale

Asbestos in Soil Management & Remediation of  Hydrocarbons using E-Clay Stabilisation.

The Welsh Government’s Zero Waste to Landfill includes the drive for the beneficial reuse of soil where possible.

Envirotreat carried out asbestos in soils management and remediation of hydrocarbon contamination using E-Clay stabilisation at the Ebbw Vale site.

This approach removed any potential risks from the identified hydrocarbon contamination and enabled the beneficial reuse in the designated soft landscaped area beneath a suitable membrane and capping layer.

Site Background & History.

The former Techboard Facility, based on the Rassau Industrial Estate in Ebbw Vale,  was a purpose-built manufacturer of hardboard and lauded as the largest venture capital backed greenfield development at the time.

The facility closed completely in 2002 and the site acquired by the Welsh Government in 2017.

The site has been leased from the Welsh Government by TVR as a base for their sports car manufacturing following refurbishment of the existing buildings.

Previous site investigations centered on the historical machine pit areas. These investigations confirmed the visible presence of cement bound asbestos. Sample analysis carried out by Envirotreat  confirmed the presence of asbestos and elevated hydrocarbon contamination.

asbestos remediation

Asbestos Management and Remediation

The site team hand picked visible fragments of asbestos for bagging and offsite disposal at a local facility.

asbestos remediation asbestos remediation

E-Clay stabilisation was utilised for the remediation of the hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

The recovered soil was reused in the void created for soft landscaping and capped with a membrane and clean soils

asbestos remediation


Laboratory assessment and leachate analysis of the E-Clay stabilised soil were used to confirm the agreed remediation target criteria were met.

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