Hydrocarbon remediation East London

Envirotreat was commissioned by O’Shea to undertake remediation (of gross hydrocarbon conmtamnation) at Hackney Wick (Wickside), East London in accordance with an agreed remediation strategy developed by GB Card.

The works involved the excavation and disposal of highly contaminated made ground which had been impacting the underlying groundwater. The site had previously been a chemical works. This was reflected in the contamination identified onsite, with phenols (120 mg/kg), benzene (41,000 ug/kg), and naphthalene (860 mg/kg). Equivalent groundwater contamination was recorded

A key criterion of the approved strategy related to environmental monitoring and control, specially odours and VOCs. Strict criteria for both were stipulated and to be audited by 3rd party consultants.

Excavation / disposal of contaminated source was undertaken in 10m x 10m grids and loaded directly to wagons for offsite disposal. Dust sprays (fixed and mobile) with odour suppressant were used throughout. Arearaes were used on the four boundaries together with Tenex tubes. Following excavation Envirotreat used E-Clay (Stabox) to treat the exposed alluvium. This not only reduced the potential for further odour / VOC release but immobilised any mobile pollutants. In addition, oxygen release compounds were added to treat mobile pollutants within the underlying groundwater.

Following source removal / treatment, an E-Clay (Stabox) Permeable Reactive barrier was installed to immobilise / treat any groundwater leaving the site.

Further groundwater treatment was undertaken via the installation of strategic borehole dosing wells with several rounds of chemical oxidant addition.

Groundwater on the site boundary was monitored by monitoring wells throughout and strategy amended accordingly.

The remediation aims were deemed to have been achieved after 9 months.

Ongoing remediation at Hackney Wick (Wickside)

In addition, Envirotreat excvated and removed 4 number underground storage tanks and decommissioned a number of deep boreholes


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