StabOx E-Clay is a range of modified E-Clays specifically designed to combine E-Clay stabilisation and chemical oxidation treatment technologies.

Chemical oxidation offers significant benefits as the process rapidly destroys organic contaminants and significantly reduces contaminant mass into less harmful breakdown products. The process has been extensively used for the destruction or degradation of a variety of hazardous wastes in groundwater. The oxidants used are readily available and treatment times are relatively short making the process economically feasible.

Using StabOx E-Clays the oxidising agent is brought into close proximity to target contaminants in a fully controlled manner. Contaminants which are not readily oxidisable are chemically stabilised within the E-Clay matrix. StabOx E-Clays have been shown to have capability to chemically oxidise non-chlorinated and chlorinated hydrocarbon pollutants including phenols, BTEX, diesel fuel and chlorinated alkenes.

StabOx E-Clays offer multi purpose treatment processes that can be applied for the treatment of organic contaminants by chemical oxidation combined with chemical stabilisation. The StabOx E-Clays also contain residual capacity for treatment of inorganic pollutants such as heavy metals using cation-exchange processes.

The application of StabOx E-Clay technology offers a chemical oxidation treatment solution for organic pollutants in a one step process. The technology can be applied in solid form enabling greater control over oxidant-contaminant matrix interactions reducing the requirement for the use of excess chemicals in the environment. The StabOx E-Clay technology can be applied for the treatment of both soils and groundwaters. Using the StabOx E-Clay product range Envirotreat can offer a cost effective solution for the treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated land and groundwaters.

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