Petrol Station Remediation Sutton Coldfield

Envirotreat was commissioned by the landowner to develop and gain regulatory permission for the remediation of a former petrol filling station in Sutton Coldfield. The site had planning permission to be redeveloped for retail (co-op) purposes.

The site was relatively small occupying an overall area of just 0.21 acres.

The works consisted of :-

  • Propose and gain regulatory approval for the remediation scheme to meet the requirements in respect of planning approval
  • Demolish the existing site structures and dispose off-site
  • Lift existing floor slabs (these were fully recycled)
  • Remove and recycle former underground fuel storage tanks
  • Treat impacted soils and groundwater using E-Clay stabilisation
  • Install an E-Clay Permeable Reactive Barrier
  • Consolidate existing soils
  • Provide geotechnical platform suitable for ground bearing slab
  • Gain regulatory sign-off of the petrol filling station remediation

The demolition / remediation works were made more complex due the:-

  • small footprint of the site,
  • maintaining access to the operational MOT / repair garage that adjoined the site (and shared access) and the
  • discovery that the Party wall had no footings and and decaying mortar. The foundations requires underpinning and wall helibar repairs before the the demolition could be completed

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