Remediation works Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

Envirotreat was commissioned to prepare and gain regulatory approval for a Remediation Strategy for a Brownfield site in Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

The site had previously been used as a storage yard. Asbestos (in the form of fragmented cement bound asbestos sheeting) had impacted the shallow soils.

Whilst there appeared to be no historical evidence of hazardous chemicals, fuel tanks or wastes being stored on site it was considered that the site was potentially / additionally contaminated with metallic / hydrocarbon pollutants due to the presence of significant fly-tipped material. Whilst ACM did not present a risk to groundwater the presence of other potential contamination necessitated the adoption of precautionary measures to protect the groundwater and underlying chalk aquifer.

A Remediation Strategy was submitted to the Local Authority and approved, the strategy included:-

  • Removal of all the large stockpiles of fly-tipped material for offsite disposal including the bulk removal of grossly contaminated ACM
  • Site clearance – vegetation removal etc.
  • Removal of surface soil layer (particularly beneath previous stockpile areas) and stockpiling in anticipation of subsequent treatment
  • Validation of underlying soils to confirm removal of ACM (as far as practically possible)
  • Physical and chemical [treatment] stabilisation of excavated ACM / contaminated soils
  • Validation of treated materials

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