Site Investigation at Two Sisters (Cavanagh & Grey) Carlisle

As part of the expansion plan of the Two Sisters (Cavanagh and Grey) site at Brunel Way, Carlisle, Envirotreat undertook a comprehensive site investigation. Envirotreat worked with the client’s structural engineers, Baynham Meikle, to design and complete the geotechnical aspect of the work to facilitate geotechnical design.

The works included the installation of:-

  • 6 number cable percussive boreholes,
  • 11 windowless sample boreholes,
  • excavation of 6 number trial pits and
  • gas monitoring.

Soil and groundwater samples were collected and analysed to provide a detailed assessment of the below ground conditions. All data and findings were compiled into a factual report which will aid the next stage of the development.

A combined Phase 1 and 2 site investigation report was issued 4 weeks after commencement of site works.

The report formed part of the client’s planning application. The report was accepted without comment by the Local Planning Authority.

Percussion Drilling at Two Sisters Carlisle


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