Llanelli soils soil assessment & WM3

Envirotreat was commissioned by JBHL to undertake a soil assessment as part of the their development project for a new Aldi / Costa development at Parc Trostre.

Based on the sampling plan prepared as part of the soil assessment, Envirotreat attended site and took a number of representative soil samples.

The soil samples were sent to i2 Analytical for a testing to enable the full characterisation of  the soils.

Based on the analytical results, Envirotreat undertook a WM3 assessment and reported the finding to JBHL.

Envirotreat were later employed by Gower Plant to facilitate the movement of the natural soils from Parc Trostre to Pembrey Race Circuit to facilitate the construction of sound bounds around the race circuit. The transfer was undertaken under a CL:AIRE declared MMP using the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice.



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