Soil Management Birmingham

The site forms part of the former IMI Kynoch Works. The Kynoch Works were used to produce munitions and  for metal manufacturing operations. The works were in operation for 150 years.

Tauheedul Education Trust with the aim of developing the site as a boy’s school.

Envirotreat were commissioned by Principal Contractor, Thomas Vale and to address the stated requirements in the Planning Decision. The validation Report enabled the discharge of the relevant planning conditions relating to contaminated land.

Envirotreat prepared a remediation strategy to address identified historical contamination and to satisfy the requirements of the regulatory bodies and the planning department.

A ‘cut and fill’ assessment was carried out which indicated that the enabling works would generate a net surplus of material.

The proposed strategy required the retaintion of as much of the geotechnically suitable materials on site for use as fill and sub-base. Unsuitable materials / excavated natural soils were preferentially removed from site and disposed of at a local inert landfill site.

Envirotreat managed the soil selection process and the offsite disposal requirement. This included a targeted site investigation (focused trial pitting with supporting analysis) to confirm the suitability of respective materials for their intended use. Envirotreat implemented a Material Management Plan for the soil management processes on site.

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Envirotreat are a specialist remediation solution provider and sole providers of E-Clay technology