ReDOC is a range of advanced E-Clay products suitable for application to the pre-treatment of waste streams, including soils, prior to landfill. The product range was originally developed to treat complex wastes with high leachable Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) content in order to meet Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for disposal to stable non-reactive and / or hazardous waste landfill.

Dissolved Organic Carbon may be defined as a classification for all carbon atoms covalently bonded in organic molecules that passes through a conventional 0.45 µm pore-diameter filter. It is non-specific in terms of the pollutant nature and will also include naturally occurring organic material such as humic acids not typically regarded as pollutants. The DOC composition of wastes is therefore infinitely variable in terms of organic content. Leachability of DOC will vary with respect to pH conditions and association with other pollutants. For example the leaching of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) is widely reported to increase strongly towards alkaline pH, leading to increased solubility of DOC at high pH range.

ReDOC E-Clays are produced using existing E-Clay chemical stabilisation technology which has proven track record for the treatment of organic pollutants. Optimum E-Clay formulations were developed for the treatment of DOC, taking into consideration wide variance in polarity of organic pollutants and humic acids content of envisaged waste streams, producing the ReDOC range.

Traditional stabilisation/solidification techniques employed for the pre-treatment of wastes to landfill typically incorporate cementitious materials as part of the treatment process. ReDOC E-Clays have been designed to treat wastes without the use of cementitious materials thus eliminating the negative effects associated with cementitious materials and leachable DOC at high pH range.

The ReDOC E-Clay product range offers a treatment solution of waste with focus on reducing DOC content in order for the waste to become WAC compliant allowing disposal to stable non-reactive and /or hazardous waste landfill.


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