ChromeSorb® is a range of modified E-Clays specifically designed to chemically immobilise Chromium (VI) contamination. These products offer significant advantages over many existing technologies in the immobilsation of Chromium (VI) contamination within soils and groundwater

Figure 1 – Chromimium (VI) impacted surface water

Figure 2 – Chromium (VI) staining on concrete floor

ChromeSorb is a single stage process for the treatment of both chrome VI and chrome III, which can be ideally used / applied within our permeable reactive groundwater barriers, as well as for stabilisation applications.

The ChromeSorb E-Clay was developed to simultaneously chemically immobilise both the cationic (chromium III) and anionic (chromium VI) forms, both of which commonly occur at contaminated sites together.


Figure 3- Partially pillared modified clay showing inclusion of cationic (Cr (III) & other metals) and anionic (Cr (VI)) heavy metals

ChromeSorb can be applied as an additive in a stabilisation approach to control leachate and / or can be incorporated into a reactive groundwater barrier to treat contaminated groundwater. In both instances the treatment is a one step treatment operation.

Extensive testing and several remediation applications have demonstrated the efficacy of this process.


Figure 4 – ChromeSorb E-Clay hexavalent chromium treatment efficacies for 1mg/L, 10mg/L and 100mg/L Cr(VI) solutions


Figure 5 – Hexavalent chromium adsorption to ChromeSorb E-Clay products; P10, P20, P40, P60 and P80

More importantly is the number of successful applications of the ChromeSorb technology.

Rhoade Northampshire – treatment of Chromium (VI) source and groundwater contamination asscoated with a former plating works

Wostabaston Road, Wolverhampton – treatment of Chromium (VI) source and groundwater contamination asscoated with a former plating works

Former GKN Stoke Work Sheepbridge Chesterfield – treatment of Chromium (VI) source and groundwater contamination

Muirend, Glasgow –  treatment of Chromium (VI) groundwater contamination directly impacted the burn adjoining the site



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